ISBN 9780435656430,Principles Of Organic Chemistry

Principles Of Organic Chemistry






Publication Year 1977

ISBN 9780435656430

ISBN-10 0435656430

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Edition 2nd
Number of Pages 352 Pages
Language (English)

Organic chemistry

About the book :- In this second edition nomenclature has been modified in order to bring it into line with the recommendations made by the Association for Science Education in their publication, Chemical Nomenclature, Symbols and Terminology. In cases where the compound is widely known by an alternative, but often less systematic, name, both the A.S.E. recommended name and the alternative name are used in conjunction. In this way it is hoped that unnecessary confusion will be avoided for those students and teachers who are more familiar with the more traditional nomenclature. In other respects, this edition is not appreciably different from the first, although reprinting has provided an opportunity to include some additional information and make a few amendments. Contents :- Part I 1. Introduction 2. The Nature of the Atom 3. Bonding and Molecular Structure 4. Naming Organic Compounds 5. Isomerism and Optical Activity 6. Structure and Physical Properties 7. Reactants and Reactions 8. The Mechanism, Energetics and Kinetics of a Reaction 9. Identification of Organic Compounds Part II 10. Alkanes (Paraffins) 11. Alkenes (Olefins0 12. Alkynes (Acetylenes) 13. Aromaticity and Benzene 14. Methylbenzene (Toluene) 15. Halohydrocarbons 16. Alcohols 17. Phenols 18. Ethers 19. Amines and their Derivatives 20. Aldehydes and Ketones 21. Carboxylic Acids 22. Derivatives of Monocarboxy Acids: Acyl Chlorides, Anhydrides Esters and Amides 23. Sulphonic Acids 24. Amino Acids, Proteins and Polypeptides 25. Carbohydrates 26. Polymers Answers to Questions Index.