ISBN 9780748761623,Principles Of Organic Synthesis

Principles Of Organic Synthesis



Routledge a Taylor & Francis Group

Publication Year 1993

ISBN 9780748761623

ISBN-10 0748761624

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Edition 3rd
Number of Pages 828 Pages
Language (English)

Medicine: general issues

R. O. C. Norman and J. M. Coxon's Principles of Organic Synthesis D 0003 Edition 3rd Edition is a comprehensive book for those who have a fair understanding of Organic Chemistry and who want to keenly pursue more knowledge in the field. The book comprises of two main parts. The first dealing with the reaction mechanism which is elaborated with the underlying principles of various chemical reactions that include Chemical Thermodynamics, Structural Theory, Concepts of Reaction Kinetics and also Stereochemistry for the interested readers. Part two deals with the applications of these principles and theories in the formation of specific kinds of bonds, compounds and groups that help in making a clear understanding of Organic Synthesis concepts. The final section of part two explains how different complex and naturally occurring compounds can be synthesized, with a multi-step planning and complete execution details.

About R. O. C. Norman

R. O. C. Norman has authored books like Mechanisms in Organic Chemistry: Case Studies and Modern Organic Chemistry along with D. J. Waddington, both under the Modern Chemistry Series.