ISBN 9788176569958,Programming with ASPECT J

Programming with ASPECT J


M.K. Gupta


BPB Publications



BPB Publications

Publication Year 2004

ISBN 9788176569958

ISBN-10 817656995X


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Language (English)


If you are a Java developer then this book is for you. Object - oriented programming (OOP) is great in addressing functional requirements of a system but can not address?enterprise?-wide concerns such as security,logging,auditing in a modular fashion leading to poorly reusable code & system,which is hard to code & maintain.

Aspect oriented programming (AOP) proses a new way of archiving & developing a software using a concept called separation of concerns. AspectJ implements those concepts for Java language. AOP complements OOP & AspectJ complements Java.

This book provides deep to bottom explanations on AspectJ & its elements like a reference book but in a tutorial fashion making it as one of the most useful books on AOP & AspectJ. This book is highly visual in its presentation & all code is explained line by line to make sure readers are not lost while reading the code. This book shows various applications of AspectJ with examples which can be used as is by readers in their world,making it a very practical book. Coverage of the topic AO - refactoring & AspectJ 1.2 makes it a unique book in?the market.

You already know OOP & Java programmers in increasing their net worth by planing following

  • Benefits of AOP & Aspectj

  • Real world usages of Aspectj

  • Re-factoring OO system into an aspect-oriented systematic

CD-ROME Includes

  • Book examples source code

  • Aspectj Software development kit version 1.2

  • Java DE-compiler software

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1 : Introduction to AOP & AspectJ

  • Chapter 2 : AspectJ basics

  • Chapter 3 : AspectJ in detail

  • Chapter 4 : AspectJ Environment

  • Chapter 5 : Aspect J complier & ANT Script integration

  • Chapter 6 : Simple applications of aspectJ

  • Chapter 7 : Advanced applications of AspectJ

  • Chapter 8 : Traditional and AO Software development

  • Chapter 9 : AO re-factoring