ISBN 9780552562805,Ptolemy's Gate

Ptolemy's Gate


Random House



Random House

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780552562805

ISBN-10 0552562807


Number of Pages 528 Pages
Language (English)


The tremendous climax of the Bartimaeus trilogy now has a brand-new cover look and extra material! Three years on from the events in The Golem's Eye, the magicians' rule in London is teetering on a knife-edge, with strikes, riots and general unrest. The Prime Minister is largely controlled by two advisers, one of whom is 17-year-old Nathaniel. Meanwhile, living under a false identity, Kitty has been researching djinn; she has come to believe that the only way to destroy the magicians is with an alliance of some kind between djinn and ordinary people. Kitty seeks out Bartimaeus and embarks on a terrifying journey into the djinn's chaotic domain ? the Other Place ? which no human being has ever survived. But even as she does so, Makepeace engineers a dramatic coup d'etat. The outcome is a shattering of the magicians' control and all magical laws are turned upside down. Can Bartimaeus, Nathaniel and Kitty settle old scores if they are to survive and prevent the earth's destruction? About The Author Jonathan is the author of the bestselling Bartimaeus trilogy, as well as standalone novels Heroes of the valley, buried fire, the leap and The last siege. Jonathan worked as a children's book editor before becoming a full-time writer. He lives in St Albans with his wife and two young children. TABLE OF CONTENTS Bartimaeus of Uruk, Sakhr-al-Jinni, N'gorso the Mighty, the Serpant of Silver Plumes has conversed with Solomon, served the mighty magician Ptolemy, and he has rebuilt the walls of Uruk, Karnak and Prague. However, the black spot on his career is still the strange little boy who foolishly summoned him for an impossible task. In this final volume of the Bartimaeus Trilogy, the best-selling fantasy series by Jonathan Stroud, join Nathaniel, Kitty and Bartimaeus as they continue their battle against their enemies to save the world. Summary of the Book Kitty never thought she'd be doing something like researching about Djinn. She needs to, if she's going to summon the craziest and mightiest Djinni of them all: Bartimaeus the Magnificent, the servant of Ptolemy himself. Still reeling from his failure in the events of the last book, Bartimaeus isn't particularly happy at being summoned by yet another amateur, but he is overjoyed that it isn't that unbearable Nathaniel. In fact, he's more than overjoyed, for thought Mr. John Mandrake pretends he is a bigshot, Bartimaeus knows his real name now, and Nathaniel has no power over him while he's serving Kitty. Kitty has other plans for everybody's favourite Djinni however, and it involves the battle against Simon Lovelace's government. For this, she needs all Djinn to work together with humans, an impossible task for humans think Djinn are servants and Djinn think humans are particularly foolish and oppressive. Can Bartimaeus and Nathaniel put aside their differences to prove Kitty's point? Or will the world be destroyed? All is up for grabs as Kitty journeys into the world of Djinn through Ptolemy's Gate, and the laws of magic are turned on their heads. About Jonathan Stroud Jonathan Stroud is a British writer best known for his Bartimaeus trilogy of fantasy novels. The trilogy begins with The Amulet of Samarkand, and continues in The Golem's Eye. He wrote a prequel novel to the story entitled The Ring of Solomon. He is currently working on a new series entitled Lockwood & Co.