ISBN 9781846463297,Read It Yourself Book Box set (Level - 2)

Read It Yourself Book Box set (Level - 2)


Ladybird Books



Ladybird Books

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9781846463297

ISBN-10 1846463297


Number of Pages 32 Pages
Language (English)

Read It Yourself Book Box Set (Level - 2) is a stunning collection of six highly famous stories, which includes The Gingerbread Man, Chicken Licken, The Three Little Pigs, Sly Fox and Red Hen, Little Red Riding Hood, and Town Mouse and Country Mouse.

The Gingerbread Man starts off with a barren, old woman who bakes gingerbread men, one of which springs to life and jumps out of her oven. The old woman begins to chase the gingerbread man along with her spouse. The gingerbread man taunts the old couple and those with whom he comes in contact, until he meets his match in the fox.

Another story, Little Red Riding Hood, is a famous fable about the Big Bad Wolf and a little girl. Little Red Riding Hood needs to give her grandmother some food, as she isn’t well. To reach her grandmother’s home, she needs to walk through the woods, where she first encounters the Big Bad Wolf. She then tells him about where she is going and he suggests that she should pick some flowers. In the meantime, the wolf fools the young girl’s grandmother into opening the door for him and swallows her whole. When Little Red Riding Hood reaches her grandmother’s home, she finds her looking and sounding strange. Suddenly, the wolf, who impersonates the young girl’s grandmother, jumps out and swallows the young girl as well. When the wolf falls asleep, a lumberjack tries to rescue the young girl and her grandmother by cutting open the fox’s stomach.

The Three Little Pigs revolves around three young pigs that are sent out by their mother to make something of themselves. The three pigs start building their houses, each with different building materials. The first one uses straw, the second makes use of furze sticks, and the third one makes his house with bricks. The time comes when the Wolf, who seeks to blow their houses down and eat them up, tests the strength of their houses and wit.

The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse is another engrossing fable that revolves around two mice, who are cousins. The town mouse decides to pay his cousin a visit in the country. After presenting him with a simple country meal, the town mouse laughs at his cousin and takes him to the city, where he attempts to make his country cousin experience the high life. The two cousins start feasting in the city, however, their meal is interrupted by several dogs. The two mice are left running for their life, managing to escape by the skin of their teeth. The country mouse then returns home, as he wants to be safe rather than enjoy the high life of the city.