ISBN 9788124606988,Recent Researches in Sanskrit Computational Linguistics

Recent Researches in Sanskrit Computational Linguistics



Neha Publishers & Distributors

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9788124606988

ISBN-10 8124606986

Hard Back

Number of Pages 320 Pages
Language (English)


This volume is the proceedings of the 5th International Sanskrit Computational Linguistics Symposium (ISCLS), held at IIT Bombay during 4-6 January 2013. These proceedings include fourteen selected and three invited papers. The selected papers deal with topics such as computational modelling of Panini's grammar- Ashtadhyayi- together with its supplementary texts, computational tools for Sanskrit language and their applications in the traditional Sanskrit concerns. Accordingly, this book delves upon how clues from Ashtadhyayi help in identifying compound types; how Ashtadhyayis digital edition can be structured and implemented; the completeness analysis of a Sanskrit reader; graph-based analysis of parallel passages; some relation-specific issues in parsing Sanskrit texts, text normalizer for Sanskrit; extended Nyaya-Vaisheshika ontology; and a search engine for Sanskrit, among others. The invited papers focus on lexicography, with special reference to Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Sanskrit on Historical Principles; some aspects of semantics in early India in understanding the meaning of words; and the computational database of Paninis grammar. This collection, thus, is an important initiative in the filed of Sanskrit computational linguistics as it records insightful current trends in the field, making it a must buy for students, researchers, and all those interested in Sanskrit grammar.