ISBN 9780748408603,Remote Sensing And Urban Analysis

Remote Sensing And Urban Analysis



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Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780748408603

ISBN-10 0748408606

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Number of Pages 296 Pages
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Engineering measurement & calibration

Remote sensing of human settlements depends on the availability of exogenous data and GIS functionalities. More specifically, urban remote sensing requires the combination of data on the physical and morphological structure of the built environment and socio-economic data on its functioning and use. Much remains to be done before the techniques used to achieve this can be considered to be fully operational. Various issues that arise in morning towards this ultimate goal are examined in detail in this volume. A wide range of methodologies for the production and analysis of urban remote sensing data are outlined in this book. This include: information-extraction techniques which can be applied to digital, multispectral images of urban areas, such as improvements to conventional per-pixel image classification algorithms; different methods of image fusion; the role of mathematical morphology; and geostatistic approaches to the analysis and interpretation of image texture and spatial patterns. The book then moves on to the identification of urban forms, the delineation of urban agglomerations, and the measurement of urban morphology. The production of surface models from remote sensing and ancillary data to estimate and represent patterns of human population density is also considered.