ISBN 9789812553317,Sap Primary Level English Book 5

Sap Primary Level English Book 5



Singapore Asian Publication

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9789812553317

ISBN-10 9812553312


Number of Pages 184 Pages
Language (English)


Primary Level English is a series of books written to provide pupils in the primary levels additional revision on grammar and its usage, comprehension, vocabulary building and word usage. Each unit in the series is divided into a number of sections. Table of Contents UNIT 1 Grammar: Concord - 'One Of' Using The Singular Verb Form UNIT 2 Grammar: Noun Phrases UNIT 3 Grammar: Prepositions - 'On', 'At' And 'In' With Reference To Time UNIT 4 Grammar: Making Suggestions With 'Let's UNIT 5 Grammar: Phrasal Verbs UNIT 6 Grammar: Gerunds UNIT 7 Grammar: Adjectival Clauses UNIT 8 Grammar: Adverb Clauses Of Place UNIT 9 Grammar: Adverb Clauses Of Manner Using 'As' And 'As though' UNIT 10 Grammar: Adverb Clauses Of Purpose Using 'So That' UNIT 11 Grammar: Reported Speech (No Change Of Tense) UNIT 12 Grammar: Reported Speech (Change Of Tense) UNIT 13 Grammar: Infinitive Phrases UNIT 14 Grammar: Adverbs - 'Already', 'Just' And 'Yet' UNIT 15 Grammar: Passive Voice Using The Future Tense UNIT 16 Grammar: Passive Voice Using The Present Perfect Tense UNIT 17 Grammar: Verb + Object + Infinitive Without 'To' UNIT 18 Grammar: Verb + Object + Infinitive UNIT 19 Grammar: The Pronouns - 'One' And 'Ones' UNIT 20 Grammar: The Present Perfect Continuous Tense UNIT 21 Grammar: Using Of 'Bring', 'Take' And 'Fetch' UNIT 22 Grammar: Expressing Preference Using 'Prefer To' APPENDICES Appendix 1 Synonyms Appendix 2 Antonyms Appendix 3 Occupations Appendix 4 Comparison Of Adjectives Appendix 5 Comparison Of Adverbs Appendix 6 Irregular Verbs ANSWERS INDEX