ISBN 9789350239186,Seven Databases In Seven Weeks : A Guide To Modern Databases & The Nosql Movement

Seven Databases In Seven Weeks : A Guide To Modern Databases & The Nosql Movement


Jim R Wilson


Shroff Publishers

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Shroff Publishers


ISBN 9789350239186

ISBN-10 9350239183


Language (English)


Redis, Neo4J, CouchDB, MongoDB, HBase, Riak, and Postgres:witheach database, youll tackle a real-world data problemthathighlights the concepts and features that make it shine.Youllexplore the five data models employed by thesedatabases:relational, key/value, columnar, document, and graph. Seewhichkinds of problems are best suited to each, and when tousethem.
Youll learn how MongoDB and CouchDB are strikingly different,anddiscover the Dynamo heritage at the heart of Riak. Makeyourapplications faster with Redis and more connected with Neo4J.UseMapReduce to solve Big Data problems. Build clusters ofserversusing scalable services like Amazons Elastic ComputeCloud(EC2).
Understand the tradeoffs between consistency andavailability,and when you can use them to your advantage. Usemultiple databasesin concert to create a platform thats more thanthe sum of itsparts, or find one that meets all your needs atonce.
Seven Databases in Seven Weeks will take you on a deep diveintoeach of the databases, their strengths and weaknesses, and howtochoose the ones that fit your needs.