ISBN 9788126531707,Smart Material Systems And Mems: Design And Development Methodologies

Smart Material Systems And Mems: Design And Development Methodologies

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ISBN 9788126531707
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ISBN 9788126531707

Wiley India Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788126531707

ISBN-10 8126531703

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Number of Pages 420 Pages
Language (English)

Literature fiction

Table of Contents
Part 1 - Fundamentals
1 Introduction to Smart Systems
11 Components of a smart system
12 Evolution of smart materials and structures
13 Application areas for smart systems
14 Organization of the book
2 Processing of Smart Materials
21 Introduction
22 Semiconductors and their processing
23 Metals and metallization techniques
24 Ceramics
25 Silicon micromachining techniques
26 Polymers and their synthesis
27 UV radiation curing of polymers
28 Deposition techniques for polymer thin films
29 Properties and synthesis of carbon nanotubes
Part 2: Design Principles
3 Sensors for Smart Systems
31 Introduction
32 Conductometric sensors
33 Capacitive sensors
34 Piezoelectric sensors
35 Magnetostrictive sensors
36 Piezoresistive sensors
37 Optical sensors
38 Resonant sensors
39 Semiconductor-based sensors
310 Acoustic sensors
311 Polymeric sensors
312 Carbon nanotube sensors
4 Actuators for Smart Systems
41 Introduction
42 Electrostatic transducers
43 Electromagnetic transducers
44 Electrodynamic transducers
45 Piezoelectric transducers
46 Electrostrictive transducers
47 Magnetostrictive transducers
48 Electrothermal actuators
49 Comparison of actuation schemes
5 Design Examples for Sensors and Actuators
51 Introduction
52 Piezoelectric sensors
53 MEMS IDT-based accelerometers
54 Fiber-optic gyroscopes
55 Piezoresistive pressure sensors
56 SAW-based wireless strain sensors
57 SAW-based chemical sensors
58 Microfluidic systems
6 Introductory Concepts in Modeling
61 Introduction to the theory of elasticity
62 Theory of laminated composites
63 Introduction to wave propagation in structures
7 Introduction to the Finite Element Method
71 Introduction
72 Variational principles
73 Energy functionals and variational operator
74 Weak form of the governing differential equation
75 Some basic energy theorems
76 Finite element method
77 Computational aspects in the finite element method
78 Superconvergent finite element formulation
79 Spectral finite element formulation
8 Modeling of Smart Sensors and Actuators
81 Introduction
82 Finite element modeling of a 3-D composite laminate with embedded piezoelectric sensors and actuators
83 Superconvergent smart thin-walled box beam element
84 Modeling of magnetostrictive sensors and actuators
85 Modeling of micro electromechanical systems
86 Modeling of carbon nanotubes (CNTs)
9 Active Control Techniques
91 Introduction
92 Mathematical models for control theory
93 Stability of control system
94 Design concepts and methodology
95 Modal order reduction
96 Active control of vibration and waves due to broadband excitation
10 Silicon Fabrication Techniques for MEMS
101 Introduction
102 Fabrication processes for silicon MEMS
103 Deposition techniques for thin films in MEMS
104 Bulk micromachining for silicon-based MEMS
105 Silicon surface micromachining
106 Processing by both bulk and surface micromachining
107 LIGA process
11 Polymeric MEMS Fabrication Techniques
111 Introduction
112 Microstereolithography
113 Micromolding of polymeric 3-D structures
114 Incorporation of metals and ceramics by polymeric processes
115 Combined silicon and polymer structures
12 Integration and Packaging of Smart Microsystems
121 Integration of MEMS and microelectronics
122 MEMS packaging
123 Packaging techniques
124 Reliability and key failure mechanisms
125 Issues in packaging of microsystems
13 Fabrication Examples of Smart Microsystems
131 Introduction
132 PVDF transducers
133 SAW accelerometer
134 Chemical and biosensors
135 Polymeric fabrication of a microfluidic system
14 Structural Health Monitoring Applications
141 Introduction
142 Structural health monitoring of composite wing-type structures using magnetostrictive sensors/actuators
143 Assesment of damage severity and health monitoring using PZT sensors/actuators
144 Actuation of DCB specimen under Mode-II dynamic loading
145 Wireless MEMS--IDT microsensors for health monitoring of structures and systems
15 Vibration and Noise-Control Applications
151 Introduction
152 Active vibration control in a thin-walled box beam
153 Active noise control of structure-borne vibration and noise in a helicopter cabin