ISBN 9788132113874,State of The Adivasis in Odisha : A Human Development Analysis

State of The Adivasis in Odisha : A Human Development Analysis



SAGE Publications Ltd

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9788132113874

ISBN-10 813211387X


Number of Pages 324 Pages
Language (English)


Sociology of Science and Technology in India, is a collection of 12 articles in Sociology of Science and Technology (SST). It throws light on the major themes of SST such as, role of science (theoretical), scientific community in India, productivity patterns in Indian Science and Technology (S&T) research and S&T unleashing social change in India. Table of Contents: Series Note Foreword Haribabu Ejnavarzala Introduction Binay Kumar Pattnaik Role of Science (Theoretical) The Role of Science in Modern Society N.A. Mavalankar Robert Merton's Formulations in Sociology of Science Pravin J. Patel Scientific Community The Emergence of the Indian Scientific Community V.V. Krishna A Large Community but Few Peers: A study of Scientific Community in India E. Haribabu Scientific Productivity Scientific Productivity: Sociological Explorations in Indian Academic Science Binay K. Pattnaik Scientific Goods and their Markets Kamini Adhikari Scientific Knowledge in India: From Public Resource to Intellectual Property E. Haribabu Science, Technology and Social Change Modern S&T Science and Social Change: Emergence of Dual Society in India V.K.R.V. Rao Is Kerala Becoming a Knowledge Society? Evidence from the Scientific Community R. Sooryamurthy and Wesley M. Shrum Green Revolution Technologies and Dry Land Agriculture Gurdeep Singh Aurora Traditional S&T and Involvement of Civil Society Traditional Potters & Technical Change in North Indian town Geeta Jayaram Sodhi People's Science: A perspective from Voluntary Sector Vithal Rajan Index Appendix of Sources