ISBN 9781846043673,Super Brain : Unleash The Explosive Power Of Your Mind

Super Brain : Unleash The Explosive Power Of Your Mind



Random House

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9781846043673

ISBN-10 1846043670


Number of Pages 336 Pages
Language (English)


According to the writers, most people only use a small percentage of their brains. Using the brain unconsciously is a very inefficient way of using it, and as such it is largely untapped. Through ground-breaking research the writers list out exercises which will allow readers to shape their brain in the way they want, allowing them to grow it to its full potential. Routine and repetition, they tell readers again and again, is what is the best way to mould the brain and its functions to how we want it. Modern breakthroughs in neuroscience have made it easier to understand the mysterious organ that most people take for granted, unlocking the secret that will lead to building a positive lifestyle for the brain, in turn building a positive lifestyle for the body and earning a long and fruitful life that is full of happiness. The Super Brain, the writers tell us, is the path to success and obtaining what you desire in life. About the Authors Deepak Chopra is an Indian-American alternative medicine practitioner, holistic health and New Age guru. A prolific writer, some of his works are: Creating Health, Quantum Healing, Perfect Health, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, The Way of the Wizard and Ageless Body Timeless Mind. A graduate of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, he practiced conventional medicine for a period before turning to alternative medicine, influenced by the doctrines of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. He is the founder of the Chopra Foundation, the American Association for Ayurvedic Medicine (AAAM) and Maharishi AyurVeda Products International. Celebrated for his work and contributions to the field of Ayurveda, Dr. Chopra was presented the Medal of the Presidency of the Italian Republic awarded by the Pio Manzu International Scientific Committee, The Oceana Award in 2009 and 2006 Ellis Island Medal of Honor by the National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations. Rudolph E. Tanzi is the Professor of Neurology and the Joseph P. and Rose F. Kennedy Endowed Chair in Neurology and Mental Retardation at Harvard University. One of the ten most cited researchers of Alzheimer's disease, he has written widely. He has also written Decoding Darkness: The Search for the Genetic Causes of Alzheimer's Disease. Dr. Tanzi is also the Director of the Genetics and Aging Research Unit at the Massachusetts General Hospital. He has received the Metropolitan Life Foundation Award and the Potamkin Prize, the two highest awards for AD research.