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Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788189835088

ISBN-10 8189835084


Number of Pages 158 Pages
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There is a saying that the man dies, his soul stays earlier around the body and then in and around the house and watches keenly about the relations and their thinking and life after his death for thirteenth days. On thirteen day so called 'Tervein' the soul gets ready to travel to the other loka a world called the world of Lord Yama the god of death to get its judgement depending upon its Karma of the past. This is the story based on the saying whereby the soul of Zamindar stays in and around the village and even travels outside to see what happens to his mother, wife and other relatives when he was alive and unaware of their existence. The entire matter of its stay described as adventure of soul after death was narrated by him to the only dalit of the village whom he always described as untouchable. However he narrated his adventures to him knowing that no body will believe him if this dalit ever talks about zamindar's soul telling about its adventures. On thirteenth day after the panditji and relatives performed the rituals of 'Tervein' the soul left to the other world and the same event witnessed by Dalit who thought that in the other world if the judgment by Lord Yama is given on bases of ones karma and not on caste, creed and richness then why not do good karma and not worry about the peopleof this physical world.