ISBN 9788184952681,The 5 Things We Need to be Happy and money isnít one of them

The 5 Things We Need to be Happy and money isnít one of them



Jaico Publishing House

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788184952681

ISBN-10 8184952686


Number of Pages 240 Pages
Language (English)


Looking for happiness? Try counting to five and then look again! What do you think will make you happy? A higher-paying job? A longer vacation? A Caribbean cruise? Better health? A slimmer, trimmer you? "Think again," says Patricia Lorenz. As a single mother of four children, struggling to make ends meet, Lorenz discovered that happiness was all around her, just waiting to be enjoyed: sharing laughs and potato chips, or turning a stay-at-home-subzero day into a surprise formal tea party or a bike ride into a prayer service on the go. Lorenz knows the things that make her happy, and she'll share how they can make you happy, too. This how-to of happiness will show you how love, laughter, a passion for what you do, a can-do spirit and a heart full of faith can put you on the road to living your dreams. And money has nothing to do with it!

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