ISBN 9788176565370,The C Column Collection

The C Column Collection



BPB Publications

Publication Year 2003

ISBN 9788176565370

ISBN-10 8176565377


Number of Pages 448 Pages
Language (English)

Computer Engineering

Description: This book is a collection of all the articles that have appeared in Express Computer under The C Column. These articles do no teach you C language, but instead help you explore the reach of this wonderful language, putting into use several feature in real life programming situations. Comprehensive discussions and numerous tricks, tips and techniques teach you how to fully utilize the speed and energy of C. Table Of Contents A Tryst With Video Memory Adding Colour To Character Indian And Continental Menus Menus With A Pinch Of Salt A Peek Through The Windows Rap A Tap Tap Taming The 417 Of Copycats And Supercats Encoding Of Files The Space Saver Tricks Of The Trade COMMAND.COM I Am Your Master Freedom At Last Delete As You Wish The Directory Tree Tie Your Bootstraps PCTOOLS Be Not Proud Hello Carla Hills!! Goodbye Carla Hills!! Diskcopied!! Taking Apart The Partition Table Exploring The Partition Table TSRs,The Hackers Delight Fun With TSRs A Virus In The Printer! Increase Your Moniter Life How Viruses Work Removing Boot Sector Viruses Fooling FORMAT.EXE Removing Partition Table Viruses Removing File Viruses Pointers Unveiled Pointers And Arrays Cooking Pointer Stew Pointers And Strings Pointers And Structures Pointers And Functions Inside The .EXE File EXE File Which Doesn't Execute! Where Eagles Dare! Where Angels Fear To Tread! The Drive Parameter Block Deactivating The Drives Utility Using Undocumented DOS The Current Directory Structure The Job File Table The System File Table System File Table Unveiled File Operations-DOS's Way The Buffer Chain Contents Of The Buffer Chain The Device Driver Chain Tracing The Device Driver Chain Understanding Memory A Peek Into The Memory Exploring The PSP And EB The Arena Header Chain How Much RAM Do You Have? Which Monitor Do You Have? Banner Command Under dos wc DOS's Way tr And tee Under DOS Dealing With Recursion Towers Of Hanoi Courting Eight Queens Amicably Determinantly Yours Quick Sort Algorithm The Intelligent Knight Exploring The File Allocation Table Decoding The FAT Entries The Disk Map An Elementary CHKDSK Renaming Directories The File Find Utility Find And Delete Utility The File Undelete Utility Pointers And Variable Number Of Arguments How Floats Are Stored More On Floats And Doubles Enhancing printf() Cryptic Programs