ISBN 9788170291640,The C Odyssey - Vol. II Advanced DOS

The C Odyssey - Vol. II Advanced DOS


Vijay Mukhi


BPB Publications



BPB Publications

Publication Year 200

ISBN 9788170291640

ISBN-10 817029164X


Language (English)

General studies

C is what the world is breathing today. And books on C are filling book shelbves like believers converging on a holy bank,but here’s a pilgrimage that’s a different kind of voyage.The C odyssey.Written in a easy,riveting and readable style,the book touches heights that few have reached and offers insights that nobody has divined.   The C odyseey is for those who’d like to learn C and for those who have learnt C.Garnised with small programs,followed by in-depth explanations,the journey takes the beginner by the hand,breaking him into the mold,taking him up to a point,and letting him free to explore on his own.The platform covered is wide and diverse.From C under dos to C under unix,Windows,OS/2,and its interfaces with networking and relational databases.   The odyssey has a seven stop itinerary.Unserialized and district,but threaded by him silken bonds to each other.The saga is a lengthy one,through lands that have been visited separately before.Speaking the same language from different podiums,they abet an undisrupted flow of thought.   Odyssey 2:Advanced DOS-The uncharted waters.   One of the most exciting facet of Dos is that it permits memory-resident programms of TSR’S to co-exist with foreground applications.   Unfortunately,the same feature also allows viruses to wreak havoc on the PC they infect.Usually,by utilizing the undocumented features of dos.   This book is a lesson in the detection and discussion of a virus,how to write vaccine and antidote programms.The code not only unravels the inscription of viruses like the dark Avenger,Happy Birthday Joshi,Yankee Doodle,Marijuana,Jerusalem and brain,but has the active code to tackle them.   From probing a virus,the volume moves to the intricacies of piloting the mouse.And for the hard-nosed ,technically inclined ecthusiast there is a long peep into C’S interface with assembly .   Table of contents:   Chapter 1         Introduction Chapter 2         Terminated but out there Chapter 3         On virues and vaccines