ISBN 9780954532802,The Critical Path: Building strategic performance through time

The Critical Path: Building strategic performance through time


Kim Warren


Vola Press Limited



Vola Press Limited

Publication Year 2004

ISBN 9780954532802

ISBN-10 0954532805

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Number of Pages 134 Pages
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Strategic Planning

The fundamental challenge facing business leaders is to drive performance into the future. To tackle it effectively, they need a clear understanding of what causes performance to improve or deteriorate over time and what power they have to change this trajectory for the better. Without such an understanding, they risk making poor choices about their future, either by failing to exploit promising opportunities or else by pursuing objectives they can never achieve.

The Critical Path sets the agenda for building business strategy. It seeks to provide managers with sound answers to three crucial questions:

Why is our business performance following its current path?
Where is it going if we carry on as we are?
How can we design a robust strategy to transform this performance in the future?

Existing management tools and approaches offer little help with these issues. Here, we provide reliable, practical frameworks that combine to create a living picture of how an enterprise actually works. They show you how to find the levers that are under your control, and how to choose the right ones to accomplish your specific goals. They suggest how you can defeat competitors in your efforts to develop your future, and deal with the powerful external forces that can thwart your plans or work in your favor.

The Critical Path is the road your organization travels in order to build and sustain the resources and capabilities that will shape its future. This book provides a practical, in-depth guide to help you in this difficult but rewarding journey.

About the Author
Kim Warren is a Teaching Fellow in Strategic Management at . In addition to teaching strategy dynamics on MBA and executive programs, he consults and coaches leadership teams in his approach. His work spans a wide range of sectors including governmental and voluntary bodies and professional organizations well as corporate settings such as oil and petrochemicals, banking, pharmaceuticals, and global IT services. He is also the author of Competitive Strategy.

Table of Contents
Performance through time
Resources: Vital drivers of performance
Resources and bathtub behaviour
Handling interdependence between
and managing the strategic architecture
you need quality resources as well as quantity
Managing rivalry for customers and other resources
Intangible resources and capabilities
Going forward