ISBN 9780552149907,The Dating Game

The Dating Game


Random House



Random House

Publication Year 1998

ISBN 9780552149907

ISBN-10 055214990X


Number of Pages 464 Pages
Language (English)


On A Bangalore Night In April 2008, Cricket And India Changed Forever. It Was The First Night Of The Indian Premier League Cricket, But Not As We Knew It. It Involved Big Money, Glitz, Prancing Girls And Bollywood Stars. It Was Not So Much Sport As Tamasha: A Great Entertainment. How A Game And A Country, Both Regarded As Synonymous With Infinite Patience, Managed To Produce Such An Event. James Astill Explains How India'S Economic Surge And Cricketing Obsession Made It The Dominant Power In World Cricket, Off The Field If Rarely On It. He Tells How Cricket Has Become The Central Focus Of The World'S Second Biggest Nation: The Place Where Power And Money And Celebrity And Corruption All Meet, To The Rapt Attention Of A Billion Eyeballs. Astill Crosses The Subcontinent And Over Endless Cups Of Tea, Meets The People Who Make Up Modern India From Faded Princes To Backstreet Bookmakers, Slum Kids To Squillionaires And Sees How Cricket Shapes Their Lives And That Of Their Country. Finally, In London He Meets Indian Cricket'S Fallen Star, Lalit Modi, Whose Driving Energy Helped Build This New Form Of Cricket Before He Was Dismissed In Disgrace: A Story That Says Much About Modern India. It Is A Fascinating Examination Of The Most Important Development In Cricket Today. A Brilliant Evocation Of An Endlessly Beguiling Country, It Is Also Essential Reading For Anyone Who Wants To Understand The Workings Of Modern India.