ISBN 9789381239513,The Delhi Histo Hunt

The Delhi Histo Hunt


Hina Sharma


Zorba Publishers



Zorba Publishers

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789381239513

ISBN-10 9381239517


Number of Pages 104 Pages
Language (English)

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Historical sites in Delhi have always been a nucleus for travelers from India and around the world but of late it has become increasingly true for Delhities too. Hina Sharma make you familiar with all those sites that are standing quietly next to you. The Delhi Histo Hunt, is a book which revolves around the historical sites located in Delhi, though some are really old, condition of some maybe good or weary but all find a mention in her book. She has covered almost all the famous and not so famous historical sites, let it be the hub of Old Delhi or the scattered monuments in New Delhi. The write up is enough to makes you feel really elated, bemused, ecstatic, inspired, proud of our culture and History, all at once. To glimpse the history, these quite sentinels store within their four walls, read the book - The Delhi Histo Hunt and you can find out yourself!!! "

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