ISBN 9781840673005,The Essence of Buddhism

The Essence of Buddhism


Roy Gillett


Caxton Editions



Caxton Editions

Publication Year 2001

ISBN 9781840673005

ISBN-10 1840673001

Hard Back

Number of Pages 96 Pages
Language (English)


Who wants to be unhappy? We spend most of our lives trying to avoid it, but can we ever succeed? When buying clothes we want to be sure not only that they fit and are comfortable, but also that people will admire us in them. Yet even if the choice is perfect, in a few weeks or months fashions will change and the outfit that filled us with so much pride has to be discarded and replaced. Talking like this is what puts people off the idea of Buddhism, but ' The proof of the pudding is in the eating' People who have lived with Tibetan Buddhist lamas and monks, and even visitors to ordinary lay families are often struck by how easy the day-to-day interactions of living together are. This book explores the essence of Buddhism and gives practical advice and ideas how to adapt this to our culture and lifestyle.