ISBN 9788186775097,The Five Love Languages

The Five Love Languages


Gary Chapman


Manjul Publishing



Manjul Publishing

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788186775097

ISBN-10 8186775099


Language (English)

Science & Technology

The Five Love Languages: How To Express Heartfelt Commitment To Your Mate, published in 1995, is a book that analyzes the intricacies of relationships, love and faith, and teaches you how to be your best in a relationship. Summary Of The Book The Five Love Languages: How To Express Heartfelt Commitment To Your Mate is a guide to understanding and improving relationships. It provides five methods of expressing love to your partner, called the love languages. They are quality time, gifts, acts of service, words of affirmation, and physical touch. The author believes that each and every one of us needs to be the recipient of love to function in an emotionally stable manner. He also advises not to implement the love language that you prefer, but to implement that which can be carried out and received well. The author writes that if the love language of your partner is different from yours, you may find yourself in an emotionally dissatisfying relationship. Understanding your partner's requirements and expectations, and finding their love language can maximize their happiness and satisfaction level. He introduces the analogy of the 'Love Tank', which is comparable to a fuel tank. When people function with their love tank full, they function in a much happier and efficient manner. By following the tips and advice in this book, people can save their marriages and relationships from unresolved issues and resentment that might crop up because of the mismatched love languages in use. The author has drawn on personal experiences and professional ones from being a marriage counselor to formulate this helpful text. About Gary Chapman Gary Chapman is an author, a relationship expert and marriage counselor. He has authored books like The Marriage You've Always Wanted, The Five Love Languages of Children, Love is a Verb: Stories of What Happens When Love Comes Alive, The 5 Love Languages of Teenagers, and The Five Languages of Apology. Chapman procured his Bachelor's degree from Wheaton College and a Master's degree in Anthropology from Wake Forest University. He then went on to receive his doctorate and a Master of Religious Education degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is married to Karolyn J. Chapman and the couple have two children, Derek and Shelley.