ISBN 9788185822563,The Gatha Of Zarathushtra: Hymns In Praise Of Wisdom

The Gatha Of Zarathushtra: Hymns In Praise Of Wisdom


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Mapin Publishing

Publication Year 1999

ISBN 9788185822563

ISBN-10 8185822565


Number of Pages 173 Pages
Language (English)


The words of Zarathustra, Prophet of Ancient Iran, have come down to us across the centuries through the Gathas, seventeen hymns which he composed and which embody the core of his faith. For the first time, the background provided by the Story of Creation is examined and a page from an unpublished manuscript at the Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris, is reproduced.

About the Author
Piloo Nanavutty graduated from Girton College, Cambridge. She has travelled widely and lectured extensively on Zoroastrianism as well as the mystical tradition. Her published works include The Songs of Zarathustra, Fravarane and The Parsis.

Table of Contents
The Legend of Gaush Urva, The Creation Story
Gatha Ahunavaiti: The Gatha of Free Choice
The Lament of Gaush Urva: Text Ys 29.1-1 1
Commentary... Ys.28.1-11
Zarathushtra at Prayer: Text
Commentary ... Ys.30.1-11
The Origin of Evil: Text
Commentary. .. Ys.31.1-22
The Choice: Text
Commentary. .. Ys.32.1-16
Zarathushtra's Dedication, I: Text
Commentary. .. Ys.33.1-14
Zarathushtra's Dedication, It: Text
Commentary. .. Ys.34.1-15
Zarathushtra's Dedication. 111: Text
Gatha Ushtavaiti: The Gatha of Supreme Bliss
Commentary. .. Ys.43.1-16
Zarathushtra Attains Enlightenment: Text
Commentary ... Ys.44.1-20
Questionings: Text
Commentary ... Ys.45.1-11
The Twin Mentalities and the Sacred Word: Text
Commentary. .. Ys.46.1-19
Zarathushtra's Trials: Text
Gatha Spenta Mainyu: The Gatha of the Sacred Spirit
Commentary ... Ys.47.1-6
Commentary ... Ys.48.1-12
The Conquest of the Lie, I: Text
Commentary. .. Ys.49.1-12
The Conquest of the Lie, 11: Text
Commentary. .. Ys.50.1-11
Zarathushtra Communes with the Divine Powers: Text
Gatha Vohu Khashathra: The Gatha of Divine Sovereignty
Striving Towards the Spiritual Goal
Commentary. .. Ys.51.1-22
Striving Towards the Spiritual Goal: Text
Gatha Vahishtoishti: The Gatha of Fulfilment
Commentary. .. Ys.53.1-9
The Marriage of Pouruchista: Text
Airyema Ishio Prayer ... Ys.54.1 and 2
Commentary ... Ys.54.1 and 2
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