ISBN 9780553288100,The Gods Themselves

The Gods Themselves



Random House Publishing Group

Publication Year 1990

ISBN 9780553288100

ISBN-10 0553288105


Number of Pages 304 Pages
Language (English)

Fantasy, Horror & Science Fiction

Isaac Asimov's The Gods Themselves is an astonishing scientific fiction book set in the twenty-second century. Published in 1972, Asimov took his readers into the world of 2100 A.D. The story has an exceptional plot that involves Earth as well as a different parallel universe thereby making it completely unpredictable till the last page. The book was originally published in three parts in Galaxy Magazine as three continuous stories. However, this book consists of the complete story in one volume but is divided into three main parts following the original format. Asimov takes the reader in the era when Earth has got access to unlimited free energy from an unidentified source for which the process has been formulated by the aliens. Even Science is unable to figure out its source. The plot revolves around this project created by aliens living in the para-Universe. They have different physical laws in their Universe and though they are exchanging matters with Earth for free, they do have a price in their mind - they wish to do away with the differences in the physical laws of these two Universes. With this project the aliens aim to get a different source of energy for their otherwise dying Universe. But few people on Earth are aware of this fact that they will have to pay a price for this energy. Soon the reader realizes that this energy transfer and exchange of physical laws will result in converting the Earth's Sun into a supernova. And this could further lead to turning the Milky Way into a quasar and thus the destruction of Earth itself. In the story, few people are aware of the imminent dire consequences. These include a defiant alien who belongs to a dying planet, an outcast scientist of the Earth, and human intuitionist from the moon. All these three characters have sensed the impending extinction of the Sun but this terrifying truth can't be explained to everybody. Ultimately these three people are crucial for the Earth's endurance! Will they succeed? Or will the Earth would see its death? Asimov's The Gods Themselves was awarded the Nebula Award for Best Novel in the year of its publication and the next year, it won the Hugo Award for Best Novel. About Isaac Asimov Isaac Asimov is an award-winning internationally acclaimed American author known as the master of hard science. Apart from The Gods Themselves, Asimov has written and edited over 500 books. Some of the popular ones include The Foundation, Foundation and Empire, Prelude to Foundation, The Complete Robot, The End of Eternity, The Naked Sun, The Robots of Dawn, Norby Chronicles, Fantastic Voyage, The Death Dealers, and many more. He has also authored several short stories, mystery novels, and other non-fiction books. Born in 1920, he completed his BS from University Extension and later did MA in Chemistry and a PhD in Biochemistry from Columbia University. Besides being an author, he worked as a Professor of Biochemistry at Boston University. He died in 1992 after suffering a heart attack, 3 bypass surgeries, and heart and kidney failure.

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