ISBN 9781611802351,The Heart of Unconditional Love

The Heart of Unconditional Love



Shambhala Publications

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9781611802351

ISBN-10 1611802350


Number of Pages 208 Pages
Language (English)


The unconditional love that we all long for can be experienced in the practice of loving-kindness. In this popular form of meditation, the love inherent to our own nature is gradually expanded until it embraces infinite beings. Tulku Thondup introduces a new four-stage format for this practice, rooted in the traditional teachings of Tibetan Buddhism: We first meditate on the Buddha of Loving-Kindness as a body of unconditional love and receive his blessings. This spontaneously awakens his unconditional love in our heart. We then find the whole world reflecting back to us as a world of love and peace. Finally, we remain in oneness in the realization of ultimate love.
About the Author

TULKU THONDUP was born in eastern Tibet and moved to India in 1958. He came to the United States in 1980 as a visiting scholar at Harvard University. For the past three decades he has lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts, engaging in translation, research, and writing under the auspices of the Buddhayana Foundation. He also travels in North America, Europe, and Asia to give talks on Buddhism and lead meditation workshops.