ISBN 9783791328782,The Hidden World Of The Naga

The Hidden World Of The Naga



Timeless Books

Publication Year 2003

ISBN 9783791328782

ISBN-10 3791328786

Hard Back

Number of Pages 192 Pages
Language (English)

The Hidden World of the Naga is the first comprehensive examination of the tribal groups that for centuries have lived in relative isolation in the hills and mountains of Northeast India and Northwest Myanmar. Illustrated with stunning images never published before, this book is a celebration of the Naga cultural realm, covering aspects ranging from art and architecture to traditional customs, crafts and the everyday life of these remote peoples. Looking beyond the Naga's past as fierce headhunters, The Hidden World of the Naga focuses on a unique way of life that rarely separates the spiritual from the social. Images of important festivals and ceremonies reveal a proud people whose animistic beliefs and shamanist practices are reflected in their unique artwork, jewellery and costumes, as well as in their traditional architecture and crafts. The Hidden World of the Naga is a powerful exploration and invaluable record of a fascinating culture in danger of disappearing.