ISBN 9788184003116,The History of Bhutan

The History of Bhutan


Vintage Books



Vintage Books

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9788184003116

ISBN-10 8184003110


Number of Pages 680 Pages
Language (English)


Bhutan has garnered the attention of the world in recent times. In 2008, it crowned the world's youngest monarch, and simultaneously emerged as the world's youngest democracy. With its Gross National Happiness index which measures the quality of life through holistic and psychological terms, the country has won the hearts of people around the world for valuing happiness over economic advancement. In this book, Karma Phuntsho presents a narrative account of this little country and its enchanting history. He also discusses about Bhutan's geography, culture and society, relating his accounts with numerous citations and translations from earlier writings. From Bhutan's past to the colourful wedding of its young monarch, this book covers everything and takes readers on a journey into a wonderful country, resplendent in all its glory and philosophy.

About Karma Phuntsho

Karma Phuntsho is a Bhutanese scholar, social worker and the Founding Director of the Loden Foundation. Dr. Phuntsho completed his monastic training and went on to pursue his doctoral degree at Oxford University. He also completed an intense nine year program at the Ngagyur Nyingma Institute and was bestowed the Lopen Title of the Holder of Esoteric and Definitive Doctrines with Distinction.

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