ISBN 9781451671865,The Impulse Economy

The Impulse Economy


Schwartz Gary


Atria Books



Atria Books

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9781451671865

ISBN-10 1451671865


Number of Pages 229 Pages
Language (English)


From a pioneer in mobile technology and marketing, a guideto navigating and harnessing the mobile economy to drive and increase impulse shopping habits among buyers everywhere. The Impulse Economy isn't just a book for business-it's also an eye-opening look into the ways our economy is evolving every second of every day. Like Blink or The Tipping Point, Gary Schwartz looks at a phenomenon that's changing the way people hehave and analyzing its roots and its causes. We live in a dramatically different world than we did even five years ago, and this book challenges our assumptions about our behavior as consumers. Anyone interested in the ways the average person affects the retail economy?and what businesses can do to better reach those people?will find this book to be essential reading. About The Author Gary Schwartz began his career as a columnist in Japan and later became an anchor on Asahi Television.He ran a number of technology startups before founding Impact Mobile, a mobile technology company specialized in retail and brand solutions, in 2002.

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