ISBN 9788129134554,The Love Letter And Other Stories

The Love Letter And Other Stories


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Rupa & Co


ISBN 9788129134554

ISBN-10 8129134551


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Did You Know? Most Elephants Weigh Less Than The Tongue Of A Blue Whale A Frog Breathes Through Its Skin When Underwater A Female Blackbird Is Actually Brown In Colour Sharks Never Get Sick - As Far As It Is Known, They Are Immune To Every Disease, Including Cancer. These And Many Such Informative And Fascinating Facts Fill Up The Pages Of Terry Obriens Fun Facts: Animals. The Book Covers A Wide Range Of Interesting Information About The Animal World, Which Is Presented Lucidly In Order To Make Learning A Fun Exercise For Children. With Edutainment As Its Motto, This Collection Hopes To Lay The Foundation For Creativity, Problem-Solving And The Quest For Knowledge In The Minds Of Young Readers. About The Author Terry Obrien Is An Academician By Vocation And A Passionate Quiz Enthusiast By Avocation. His Leit-Motif Is The Igniting Of Quizzing Instinct And An Aptitude To Develop The 3Rs Of Learning - Read, Record, Recall. He Is A Trainers Trainer And A Motivational Speaker.