ISBN 9789350297315,The Master Director : A Journey Through Politics, Doubt And Devotion With A Himalayan Master

The Master Director : A Journey Through Politics, Doubt And Devotion With A Himalayan Master


Thomas K.Shor


Element Books



Element Books

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789350297315

ISBN-10 9350297310


Number of Pages 304 Pages
Language (English)

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In this riveting true story, Thomas K. Shor, an adventurous American writer with an ear for unusual stories, wanders into a Sikkimese mountain village and into the life of an enigmatic spiritual master known as Gurudev. He has no idea of what he is getting into. As Gurudev, a Tibetan Buddhist lama, lavishes the author with presents and invites him into his inner circle, it seems destiny is at work. But what happens when it turns out the master has close ties with the local dictator and his henchmen and Shor finds himself being hosted at some of their houses? How is he to reconcile the religion of love with the violence of politics? Gurudevs engaged Buddhism not only stretches common notions of morality but also spins Shors moral compass. The Master Director, richly illustrated with over 75 photos, probes the limits of charisma and scepticism, devotion and doubt. About the Author Writer and photographer Thomas K. Shor was born in Boston, USA and studied comparative religion and literature in Vermont. With an ear for unusual stories, the fortune to attract them and an eye for detail, he has travelled the planets mountainous realms from the Mayan Highlands of southern Mexico in the midst of insurrection to the mountains of Greece and more recently, to the Indian Himalayas to collect, illustrate and write stories with a uniquely personal character. Shor has lectured widely on his writings and has had solo exhibits of his photographs in Europe and India. He can often be found in the most obscure locales, immersed in a compelling story touching upon fundamental human themes.