ISBN 9789380349534,The Off-Site Tamasha

The Off-Site Tamasha



Srishti Publications Books

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789380349534

ISBN-10 938034953X


Language (English)

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A hilarious comedy involving three men of different temperaments and status working for the same company, thrown together in the name of a team building exercise, is presented cleverly by the author. The reluctant subordinate employee hates attending the team building outing with his boring and irritating boss. But his company wants him to attend it. The rich colleague was hired by the company more for personal reasons than his merit. The three men are exposed to team building games. But arguments break out between the colleague and the boss during the games. These arguments have some comical endings. There occurs a dramatic change in the whole scenario when two mysterious and sexually attractive women arrive on the scene. The three men are drawn towards them with lust. They are obsessed with sex and are yearning to have sexual encounters with the two women. But the men are unaware that the two fatally attractive women are there with a plan of their own. Nobody seems to know who they are or who sent them. Their presence and purpose is a mystery. So is the outcome of the amorous pursuit by the three men. The married boss, the unmarried junior, and the colleague who is rich but not good looking are all hopeful. The book has been widely read and well received. Nagarajan has mixed comedy and drama with a touch of philosophy. Corporate office go-ers will find many narrations in the book much in common with what happens in their official day to day life.