ISBN 9789383134106,The Race of my Life : The Race of My Life with 1 Disc

The Race of my Life : The Race of My Life with 1 Disc


Milkha Singh


Reado Books



Reado Books

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9789383134106

ISBN-10 9383134100
Language (English)

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ilkha Singh: The Race of My Life – An Autobiography is an audio book about the life and accomplishments of one of India’s celebrated achievers in sports, Milkha Singh. The book contains 1 disc.

Summary of the Book

The Race of My Life is a poignant and inspiring story of Milkha Singh’s life. As a boy, Milkha survived the tragedy of losing most of his family during partition. He became a felonious young boy who ran and ran to escape from the cops. Destiny then made him a young and ambitious Army recruit. He ran his first race while in the army, to earn the distinct luxury of having a glass of milk every day. This audio book is his autobiography, where he talks about his glorious victory at the Commonwealth Games, of winning the first ever gold for India in athletics. He is cheered as the Flying Sikh in Pakistan. But what was stored for him in the Olympics was a distressing failure. His personal life also saw rocky patches when it came to his relationships and love interests. With all his achievements, Milkha is still a humble sports icon who inspires aspiring sportsmen. A Bollywood movie called Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, starring Farhan Akhtar as Milkha Singh, is made based on his life. This audio book is a must have for his fans and sports aficionados.

About Reado Books

Reado Books was established in 2010, with a rather different way of perceiving books and the process of reading. Narrating a book is believed to add more depth and knowledge, without having to read. Reado is now a five billion dollar industry whose audio books are sold all across the world. Some of the audio books released by Reado Books are How to Win friends and Influence People, Sunny Days, The Descent, Love Life and Stay Hungry Stay Foolish.