ISBN 9788121504195,The Sansis Of Punjab: (A Gypsy And De-Notified Tribe Of Rajput Origin)

The Sansis Of Punjab: (A Gypsy And De-Notified Tribe Of Rajput Origin)



Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 1965

ISBN 9788121504195

ISBN-10 8121504198

Hard Back

Number of Pages 386 Pages
Language (English)

Religion: general

The Sansis of Punjab-whose gift the famous Ranjit Singh was to Indian History-are one of the most important tribes of North India, mistakenly branded as 'aborigines' by ill-informed anthropologists in the past and classed under "Criminal Tribes" by the British administrators during their regime. A proper anthropological study of their life was till now a desideratum. For the first time now, this book which is the result of deep concern and painstaking research of its author, gives an authentic and exhaustive account of this sadly neglected ethnic group. The Sansis being one of the Indo-Aryan people who settled in Punjab, this book describes as a whole, the social customs, manners, beliefs and practices of the peoples of the land of the five rivers. The author proves in it that the Sansis are no aborigines but of Rajput origin, dispossessed of their homeland by Muslim invasion in the 13th century and scattered over in the Punjab. It contains original chapters on their dialect, demography, their relations with the gypsies, found outside India and other Indo-Aryans peoples, and their socio-economic and cultural life including the present and future of their socio-economic and political life.