ISBN 9780007522224,The Slow Fix

The Slow Fix



harper collins publisher india

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9780007522224

ISBN-10 0007522223


Language (English)


In the tradition of his internationally bestselling "In Praise of Slow," and drawing on examples from the most progressive and successful leaders in business, politics, science and society, Carl Honore brilliantly illuminates why the best way to face our problems might just be to take our time. 
If the high-flying fighter pilots of the RAF can own up to their mistakes, why can't the rest of us? Toyota was fantastically good at exposing its failings and correcting them, until it stopped, setting the company up for one of the most spectacular falls from grace in the history of the auto industry. BP couldn't bring itself to apologize for its catastrophic oil spill until the entire Gulf Coast of the United States was bearing the brunt of its technological shortcomings. 
Addicted as we might be to the quick fix--pills, crash diets or just diverting attention from things about to go wrong--the quick fix never really works. Trying to solve problems in a hurry, sticking on a plaster when surgery is needed, might deliver temporary relief, but only at the price of storing up worse trouble for later. For those looking for a fix that sticks," The Slow Fix" will help us produce solutions in life and work that endure.

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