ISBN 9780781747493,The Ultimate Echo Guide

The Ultimate Echo Guide



Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

Publication Year 2004

ISBN 9780781747493

ISBN-10 078174749X


Number of Pages 272 Pages
Language (English)

Infertility & fertilization

This title was selected as one of 'The 2005 Great Books in Cardiology' by "The American Journal of Cardiology [registered]. This practical guide is designed to provide a complete echocardiography consultation in an easy, fast, and succinct manner. You will find essential information for a range of commonly encountered pathologies. Discussions of each echo technique (M-mode, 2-D, Doppler TTE, and TEE) include best imaging planes, diagnostic methods, diagnostic formulas, key diagnostic features, data on accuracy and prognosis, and alerts to potential pitfalls. In "The Ultimate Echo Guide" you'll discover: concise, straightforward text with bullet points that allows you to access key information at a glance - a great time-saver for the busy clinician; specific applications that address the use of echo in the pregnant patient, echo parameters of poor prognosis, echo parameters indicating surgical and non-surgical intervention, intraoperative echo, and follow-up; informative tables that provide summary information for diagnostic methods, diagnostic accuracy, disease stratification, prognostic indicators, parameters indicating surgical or non-surgical intervention, and follow-up; practical content concentrating on information needed for daily or routine echocardiographic performance and interpretation; and, more than 260 oversized high-resolution illustrations display the anatomy at actual size to enhance diagnostic features. "The Ultimate Echo Guide" is also available electronically for PDAs. See PDA listing for details.