ISBN 9788184081572,The World's Greatest Quotations An Encyclopedia Of Quotations

The World's Greatest Quotations An Encyclopedia Of Quotations



Indiana Publishing House

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788184081572

ISBN-10 818408157X

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Number of Pages 892 Pages
Language (English)

Dictionaries of quotations

As one of the most accessible treasures whether in the home, office, School or Library should stand this priceless volume " The World's Greatest Quotations", selected with scholarly care from the writings of all the great literature of the past and the present. Whether you are in the field of business, a teacher, preacher, lawyer, writer, public speaker, or a student, such a volume as will be of inestimable value. Well chosen quotations season and embellish even our everyday conversation and correspondence and are the mark of Men and Women who sincerely care about the impression they make upon their fellows