ISBN 9788174092502,Theory and Design of Hydraulic Machines including Basic Fluid Mechanics

Theory and Design of Hydraulic Machines including Basic Fluid Mechanics


Khanna Publisher



Khanna Publisher

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788174092502

ISBN-10 8174092501

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Edition 11th
Number of Pages 624 Pages
Language (English)

Mechanical engineering

The book presents the Basics fo Fluid Mechanics as Part-I, in a simplified manner. It explains fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics with the help of basic theroy, concepts and important derivations with the help of clear illustrations. The text is further supplemented with good number of solved problems and exercises to help students get hold of the subject easily.

This book is intended as text book at the undergraduate level for all engineering studets. An attempt has been made to present the principles and concepts in simple, coherent and logical manner so that a student new to the subject will be able to comprehend and understand the subject with the minimum of external guidance.

Table of Contents
Part-I - Fluid Mechanics
*Introduction * Properties of fluids *Hydrostatic pressure and buoyancy *Principles of fluid flow *Applications of one dimensional * Dimensional analysis *Flow through pipes *Flow through open channels *One dimensional steady compressible flow

Part-II - Hydraulic Machines
*General Theory of Hydrodynamic Machines *Hydro turbines *Hydrodynamic pumps *Cavitations *Application of similarity considerations to hydrodynamic machine * Characteristics of Hydrodynamic Machines * General Theory Machines - II *Governing *Hydroelectric plants * Summary and Problems *Hydrodynamic transmission * Miscellaneous Hydrodynamic Pumps * Reciprocating Pumps * Miscellaneous Hydraulic Machines * Other Hydraulic Pumps * Design of Hydrodynamic Pumps * Additional Theoretical Considerations * Design of Redial Flow Impeller * Design of Mixed Flow Pumps * Design of Axial (Propeller) Pumps * Appendices