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Think And Grow Rich





Mahaveer Publishers

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788183520607

ISBN-10 818352060X


Number of Pages 328 Pages
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What is the secret to achieving fame and fortune? According to Napoleon Hill, success has nothing to do with luck or an individual's background. He firmly believed that success could be achieved by following a concrete plan. Hill's Think And Grow Rich is based upon his previous work, The Law Of Success, which consists of eight volumes and twenty years of research. Hill acquired his material from studying individuals who had amassed large amounts of wealth such as Andrew Carnegie and Henry Ford. After closely examining the traits of these successful achievers, Hill developed thirteen "laws" to success, which could be applied by anyone to achieve fame and fortune. In Think And Grow Rich, Hill presents condensed versions of these thirteen principles which form the philosophy of achievement. According to Hill, an individual who possesses these 13 principles is capable of achieving great feats because these traits enable a person to eradicate negative thoughts and energies. The thirteen principles that Hill outlined in his book are Desire, Faith, Specialized Knowledge, Autosuggestion, Organized Planning, Imagination, Persistence, Decision, Mystery of Sex Transmutation, Power of the Master Mind, Subconscious Mind, The Brain, and Sixth Sense. Hill's concept of "brain capital" and using this to achieve success was a concept that was ahead of its time. In the modern information age, this idea is commonplace. After reading this book, readers will quickly discover that the source of wealth begins with our intangible assets such as will and persistence, not education level or savings. Think And Grow Rich was initially published in 1937. Since then it has sold more than 70 million copies worldwide. The book was ranked as the sixth best selling book by Businessweek Magazine. About Napoleon Hill Napoleon Hill was an author, attorney, lecturer, and journalist. He authored other notable works titled The Law Of Success, The Magic Ladder To Success, and Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude. Hill worked as a reporter for small-town newspapers in Wise County, Virginia. In 1908, Hill received his first break when he was asked to interview Andrew Carnegie for a series of articles. At Carnegie's insistence, Hill was introduced to many well-to-do people, who would later form the basis of his studies. Some of these individuals were Charles M. Schwab, John Burroughs, and William H. Taft. Hill also advised two U.S. Presidents, Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. From the period of 1952 to 1962, Hill presented lectures on the "Science Of Success", in association with W. Clement Stone. In 1970, Hill passed away at the age of 87.