ISBN 9781405206259,Tintin Prisoners Of The Sun

Tintin Prisoners Of The Sun








Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9781405206259

ISBN-10 140520625X


Number of Pages 64 Pages
Language (English)


The Adventures Of Tintin is a series of comic albums revolving around a young intelligent reporter-turned-detective named Tintin, whose adventures take him around the world along with his pet dog Snowy. Tintin Prisoners Of The Sun New ed is a continuation of the previous Tintin adventure, The Seven Crystal Balls in which Professor Calculus, an absent-minded professor and Tintin's friend, has been kidnapped by the descendants of the Incas. Tintin Prisoners Of The Sun New ed is a sequel in which Tintin, his best friend Captain Haddock, and Snowy set off to Peru to rescue the Professor. However, the locals refuse to help them because of the fear of the Incas. Tintin then comes across two men who were bullying an orange-seller named Zorrino. Tintin rescues this boy and Zorrino guides them to the Temple of the Sun, over snow-capped mountains and deep Amazon forests, to find the imprisoned Professor. When they reach the Temple, the Incas decide to burn them for their sacrilegious intrusion. The natives believe that the Sun God himself will set fire to their pyres. Will Tintin and his friend be able to escape? This thrilling adventure takes readers on a journey into the beautiful Peruvian wild. This book also showcases the unique rituals, customs and beliefs of the Inca civilization. Prisoners of the Sun is the fourteenth book of the Tintin series and was the first story published in the Tintin Magazine, in 1946. The English version was published in 1962. In 1969, the book was adapted into a movie titled Tintin and the Temple of the Sun. It was also part of a TV-series in 1990. This adventure has always been performed as a musical stage production and made into a video game.