ISBN 9780761932062,Transformative Links Between Higher and Basic Education

Transformative Links Between Higher and Basic Education


SAGE India



SAGE India

Publication Year 2004

ISBN 9780761932062

ISBN-10 0761932062

Hard Back

Number of Pages 352 Pages
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There is a deep gulf between institutions of higher education and basic education in India, fostered to a large extent by a skewed education policy. The contributors to this important volume start from the premise that universities have a social obligation and that extension programmes are a way of fulfilling them. They set out the empirical contours of the grassroots work which establishes the interface of universities with societies. In doing so the volume spells out the different dimensions of and kinds of linkages between higher and basic education. Bringing together scholars and activists from diverse fields, it shows that basic education is taking place in different settings and locations despite formidable obstacles. Table of Contents Foreword YASH PAL Introduction I. HISTORICAL AND CONTEMPORARY OVERVIEW: Exploring the Links of Higher Education with Basic Education KARUNA CHANANA Linkage of Higher Education with Basic Education in India: A Historical Perspective ANIL BORDIA Interdependence of the Quality and Reform of Education at All Stages A K JALALUDDIN II. CONCEPTUAL AND THEORETICAL CONCERNS: Universities: The Invisible Dimension of Elementary Education PADMA M SARANGAPANI Knowing University Science and Social Relations: Creating Ruptures at the Margin PARTHASARATHI BANERJEE III. CASE STUDIES: INITIATIVES AT THE GRASSROOTS: Linking Higher Education with ECCE and Education of Children with Disabilities: A Case Study NEERJA SHARMA Enhancing the Quality of Primary Education through Extension: A Case Study M ELIAS Linkages of Higher Education with Basic Education: An EMRP Experience H H MANKAD and NAFISA KATTARWALA Science and Society: Sustaining the Connections CHITRA NATARAJAN Culture and Mathematics: A Case Study of the Saoras in Orissa MINATI PANDA Universalizing Elementary Education in Delhi: Quest for Partners and Approaches JANAKI RAJAN Professional Development in Education Management JAYSHREE OZA and SVETA D CHAKROVARTY IV. CASE STUDIES: DIRECTIONS IN RESEARCH AND ACTION: Role of Research in Promoting Basic Education JACOB AIKARA Basic and Higher Social Sciences Education SAVYASAACHI Conceptualizing Higher Education in the Context of the Needs of Primary Education RENU MALAVIYA Basic Education through Universities: An Analysis of Experiences ANITA DIGHE Transformative Links and the Training Strategies in Mass Educational Movements: Some Conceptual Issues USHA MENON Index