ISBN 9789381638279,TS3 Management In Tourism

TS3 Management In Tourism



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Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789381638279

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TS 3 Management In Tourism CONTENTS COVERED Block 1 Understanding Entrepreneurship and Management Unit1 Management : Concept and Functions Unit2 Entrepreneurship : Concept and Functions Unit3 Corporate Forms in Tourism Unit4 Management Issues in Tourism Block 2 Understanding Organisational Theory Unit5 Understanding Organisation Unit6 Planning and Decision Making Unit7 Organising Unit8 Monitoring and Controlling Block 3 Organisational Behaviour Unit9 Small Group Behaviour Unit10 InterPersonal Behaviour Unit11 InterGroup Behaviour Unit12 Supervisory Behaviour Block 4 Management Functions Unit13 Human Resource Management Unit14 Financial Management Unit15 Operations Management Unit16 Marketing Management Unit17 Information Technology and Management Block 5 Managing Financial Operations Unit18 Understanding Profit and Loss Statement Unit19 Understanding Balance Sheet Unit20 Profitability Analysis Unit21 Project Formulation and Appraisal Block 6 Managerial Practices in Tourism 1 Unit22 Tour Operators Unit23 Travel Agencies Unit24 Hotels Unit25 Public Relations Block 7 Managerial Practices in Tourism2 Unit26 Food Services Unit27 Tourist Transport Unit28 Airlines Unit29 Airports Block 8 Convention Promotion and Management Unit30 Convention Industry Unit31 Planning Conventions Unit32 Management and Implementation of Conventions QUESTION PAPERS 1. Question Paper June 2001 2. Question Paper Dec 2001 3. Question Paper June 2002 4. Question Paper Dec 2002 5. Question Paper June 2003 6. Question Paper Dec 2003 7. Question Paper June 2004 8. Question Paper Dec 2004 9. Question Paper June 2005 10. Solution Paper Dec 2005 11. Solution Paper June 2006 12. Solution Paper June 2007 13. Solution Paper Dec 2007 14. Solution Paper June 2008 Meaning of Difficult Words 15. Question Paper Dec 2008 16. Question Paper June 2009 17. Question Paper Dec 2009 18. Question Paper June 2010 19. Question Paper Dec 2010 20. Question Paper June 2011 and more