Chetna Gupta



Arihant Publication

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789351415022

ISBN-10 9351415023


Edition 1st
Number of Pages 672 Pages
Language (English)

Entrance Exam Preparation

To determine the eligibility for lectureship and for award of Junior Research Fellowship (JRF), the University Grant Commission (UGC) organizes National Eligibility Test (NET) twice a year. The pattern for this prestigious examination was changed in 2012 following which Paper III has also been made objective. UGC NET Tutor Philosophy Paper II & III has been designed according to the recent examination pattern issued by the UGC for Philosophy Paper II & III. The book has been divided into 21 Chapters according to the syllabus of Philosophy Paper II & Paper III. The book covers chapters namely Vedic & Upanisadic World-Views, Atheist Philosophers, Theistic Schools, Vedanta Philosophy, Saint Philosophers, Contemporary Philosophers, Early Greek Philosophers and Sophists and Socrates, Philosophers after Socrates, Medieval Philosophers, Rationalistic Philosophers, Empiricist Philosophers, Kants Critical Philosophy and After, Metaphysics and Indian Concepts, Western Concepts, Indian Epistemology, Epistemology, Indian Ethics, Ethics, Western Ethics, Formal Logic and Informal Logic. More than 5000 previous years objective questions from 2008 to 2013 have been covered chapterwise. Some specific facts have been covered in a box and through figures for better understanding. Also 2013 (June) Solved Paper of UGC NET Philosophy Paper II & Paper III has been provided to help candidates understand the recent examination pattern. Detailed and authentic solutions for all the previous years questions have been provided at the end of each chapter. The book also contains various types of objective questions based on the latest examination pattern to help the candidates get familiar with the new examination pattern. This book is equally useful for various State Eligibility Tests as well. As the book has been designed according to the latest examination pattern of UGC Philosophy Paper II & Paper III, it for sure will help the aspirants climb up the ladder of success. Contents Previous Year Solved Paper 2013 (June ) 1. Vedic and Upanisadic World-Views 2 . At h e i s t P h i l o s o p h e r s Carvaka Jainism Buddhism Schools of Buddhism 3. Theistic Schools Nyaya Vaisesika Causation Gandhi Ambedkar Samkhya Yoga Purva 4. Vedanta Philosophy Advaita Visistadvaita Dvaita 5. Saint Philosophers Vivekananda Aurobindo Iqbal Tagore 6. Contemporary Philosophers K C Bhattacharya Radhakrishnan J Krishnamurti 7. Early Greek Philosophers and Sophists and Socrates 8. Philosophers after Socrates Plato Aristotle 7. Medieval Philosophers St Augustine St Anselm St Thomas Aquinas 8. Rationalistic Philosophers Descartes Spinoza Leibniz 9. Empiricist Philosophers Locke Berkeley Hume 10. Kant's Critical Philosophy and After Kant Hegel Nietzsche Moore Russell Husserl Heidegger Logical Positivism CS Pierce and William James G Ryle 11. Metaphysics and Indian Concepts 12. Western Concepts 13. Indian Epistemology 14. Epistemology 15. Indian Ethics 16. Ethics 17. Western Ethics 18.Formal Logic 19. Informal Logic 20. Practice Papers