ISBN 9788129124197,Under A Cloud: Life In Cherrapunji, The Wettest Place On Earth

Under A Cloud: Life In Cherrapunji, The Wettest Place On Earth


Binoo K. John


Rupa & Co



Rupa & Co

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9788129124197

ISBN-10 812912419X


Number of Pages 224 Pages
Language (English)


It is rain that has made Cherrapunji a globally renowned villageand so Binoo K. John undertakes a tumultuous journey to unravel the mystery of the geographical quirk that brings to Cherra and the nearby village of Mawsynram as much rain in three months as the rest of India gets in a whole year. But Cherrapunji, finds Binoo, has much more to offer to the visitor: it is a land of great beauty and warmth, peopled by a cast of characters ranging from truculent bureaucrats and eccentric visionaries to friendly entrepreneurs and drivers fond of drink. Bone-rattling rides, perilous treks and stomach-burning meals notwithstanding, Binoo travels resolutely to every corner of Cherrapunji, and discovers behind the swirling mists a thriving population of energetic men and women determined to bring their sleepy little hometown out from under the cloud and into the twenty-first century. Through tales of nineteenth-century evangelists and earthquakes, debates on culture and cuisine and observations on religion and meteorology, Binoo K. John brings to life in a crisp and witty narrative one of the most unusual places in India. About the Author Binoo K. John is a senior journalist based in New Delhi. He has worked with several media houses, including the India Today group and Indian Express. He is the founder and director of the Kovalam Literary Festival and owns the bookselling portal Under a Cloud: Life in Cherrapunji, the Wettest Place on Earth was first published in 2004. Binoos other books include the bestselling Entry from Backside Only: Hazaar Fundas of Indian-English (2007, 2013), Curry Coast: Travels in Malabar 500 Years after Vasco Da Gama (1999) and the novel The Last Song of Savio de Souza (2011).