ISBN 9788132109785,Understanding Journalism

Understanding Journalism


Ajit Rao



SAGE Publications Ltd

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788132109785

ISBN-10 8132109783


Number of Pages 180 Pages
Language (English)


The financial benefits accruing from improvements in customer satisfaction are so significant that customer satisfaction measurement has become an important business need. The results of customer satisfaction measurement often form a key basis for improving service quality and are often linked to pay and bonuses. It is therefore imperative for CEOs and senior managers to understand the principles behind customer satisfaction measurement. This book works in that direction by explaining the principles of customer satisfaction in a brief yet powerful manner. It will help the readers build relevant and actionable customer satisfaction programs for their organization. The book begins by going over the concepts of customer satisfaction measurement. It then dwells on the various kinds of tools available to organizations to capture customer satisfaction. Further, the book also deals with two major aspects with which many organizations are trying to come to grips: (a) How do we align/link brand research with customer satisfaction research? (b) How do we connect survey research with internal databases to generate great insights for organizations? The book also discusses how the entire data from such programs can be made very actionable using simple techniques. The principles and ideas mentioned in this book come from the authors combined experience of nearly 40 years of working with clients in a variety of sectors and industries. Table of Contents Preface Introduction The Basic Truths of Customer Satisfaction The Measurement Tools Converging Brand and the Customer The Loyalty Convergence NPS: Is It the Ultimate Question? Benchmarking and Normative Databases Implementing the Survey Findings Appendices Bibliography