ISBN 9788183243612,United states and central america

United states and central america



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Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788183243612

ISBN-10 8183243614


Language (English)

United States

The book deals with the U.S role and its engagement in Central America. It depicts vividly how small, defenseless countries of Central America especially Nicaragua had to pay price by defying the dictates of the mighty United States which considers the region as its backyard. Washington expected them to follow meekly its footsteps without questioning its authority. They were not allowed to mould their future independently, thus transforming independently, thus transforming themselves as dependencies of the lone Super Power. Instead of declaring open war, the United States waged Low Intensity War (LIW) against the 'errant' Sandinista in Nicaragua and elsewhere in the region. The LIW against Nicaragua was symbolic is the sense that any country trying to escape the firm grip of the Super Power would face similar consequence. The book is reminder for any other Third World country which attempts defy the mightiest.

About the Author
R.K. Satapathy (b. 1955) teaches Political Science in North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong. His areas of specialization are International Politics especially the U.S foreign policy apart from political theory and electoral politics. He has contributed a number of papers in several national and international seminars/conferences. He has several publications to his credit.