ISBN 9788189975593,Walking in Zen, Sitting In Zen

Walking in Zen, Sitting In Zen




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Westland Books

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788189975593

ISBN-10 8189975595


Number of Pages 375 Pages
Language (English)

Literature: special interest

In this especially lighthearted series of talks Osho comments on the Zen master, Yoko, and explains why meditation is not just a daily discipline but a lifetime love-affair He also answers questions from seekers on a diverse range of both fundamental and humorous subjects which include self-acceptance, courage, the longing for the divine, chaos, sex, and spiritual awakening. "Zen is another name for meditation. The word zen comes from the Sanskrit root dhyan - it has traveled far. Dhyan means a state of absolute silence, of thoughtless silence, but full of awareness. Even the thought that "I am aware" is enough to distract you from your meditation. Even to know that "I am in meditation 'is enough to destroy it. A state of meditation is an innocent, silent state. You are blissfully unaware of your awareness. You are, but you are utterly relaxed." Table of Contents Introduction Meditation: The Breath of the Soul Zen Is Your Very Nature Be a Watcher on the Hills Beyond Acceptance and Rejection Witnessing: The New Art of Seeing The Real Self and the False Ego The Nature of Longing The Head and the Heart Let-go Is My Only Approach Cutting the Root of Misery The Law of Grace Seeing Is Transformation Light in the Seed Nirvana: Your Inner Space The Death of the Old, the Birth of the New Zen Is an Experience