ISBN 9788126909582,Water Crisis in India

Water Crisis in India


K. R. Gupta


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Atlantic Books

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788126909582

ISBN-10 8126909587


Number of Pages 424 Pages
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Water is a prime natural resource and a basic necessity for sustaining life on earth. Supplying adequate amount of potable water to the global population is a gigantic task in the wake of growing industrial and domestic needs. The threat of climate change and global warming which has aggravated the problem of water shortage is of particular concern to India as we are largely dependent on glaciers and rainfall for water supply.

The United Nations World Water Development Report, Water: A Shared Responsibility emphasizes the need for good governance to meet the ever-increasing demand for water. The report asserts that mismanagement, corruption, lack of appropriate institutions, bureaucratic inertia and paucity of investment in human and physical sources mar water management today. The situation calls for right policy decisions and adoption of sustainable practices.

The problem is acute in India because of its high population density, space and time variability of rainfall and increasing depletion and contamination of its surface and groundwater resources. Most water resources in India are contaminated by sewage and agricultural run-off. Besides, overuse of pesticides and chemicals in agriculture is the primary cause of groundwater pollution in India. Further, uneven water distribution across the country is another aspect of water problem. A large area of the country is water deficit whereas a small part is bestowed with abundance of water. This has led to inter-state conflicts.

The present anthology contains well researched articles by eminent scholars who have deeply analysed the problem and its various implications. Major factors responsible for the problem have been studied in detail and some measures have been suggested to retrieve the situation.

The book will serve as a reference source for students, researchers and policymakers and all those concerned with an ensured supply of water across the country.

About the Author
K.R. Gupta has published over a dozen books and more than hundred papers in leading journals published in India and abroad. He has edited multi-volume Encyclopaedia of Environment which includes so far published volumes entitled Environment: Problems and Policies; Environment: Global Warming and Environmental Legislation in India. More volumes are in press.

Table of Contents

1. Troubled WatersK.R. Gupta
2. Aspirations and an Earth ForgottenT.N. Narasimhan
3. Water and Science in IndiaT.N. Narasimhan
4. Indias Water and Sanitation ChallengesDavid C. Mulford
5. Safe Drinking Water Villages: A Sustainable Rural EnterpriseD.R. Prasad Raju
6. Rain Harvests and Water WoesT.N. Narasimhan
7. Who Owns Groundwater?T.N. Narasimhan
8. Water Shortage in India and Diseases CausedS. Chakarapani
9. Water and Indias ConstitutionT.N. Narasimhan
10. Indias Water WarsSrinand Jha
11. Water Crisis : Origin Identification and ManagementB.V. Babu and V. Ramakrishna
12. Removal of Heavy Metal Pollutants from Wastewater Using Low Cost AbsorbentsB.V. Babu and Suresh Gupta
13. PMs address at the National Congress on Ground Water2007, September 11, 2007 New Delhi
14. PMs Address at the Annual Conference of Ministers in Charge of Drinking Water and Sanitation
15. Water Year2007: General Facts
16. Water in XI Plan
17. National Water Policy, 2002
18. An Overview of Irrigation Development and Flood Management
19. Indias International Cooperation and Treaty
20. Sector Reforms for Optimal Benefits
21. Delhi Water Board (Amendment) Bill, 2002
22. Drought Prone Areas in India
23. Indus-Water Treaty
24. State Water Policy
25. River Water Disputes
26. Inter-State Water Disputes Act, 1956