ISBN 9780143065685,What The Customer Wants You To Know

What The Customer Wants You To Know



Penguin India Publication

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9780143065685

ISBN-10 0143065688


Number of Pages 211 Pages
Language (English)


What the Customer Wants You To Know: How Everybody Needs To Think Differently is Ram Charan’s take on how to tackle the present crisis of a broken selling system. Today, selling is all about prices and a war of the same, which Ram Charan thinks takes all the fun out of the selling business. Charan, with his meticulous understanding of business, opines that an easy way to avoid such haggling is to understand the customer’s point of view. The technique should be such that the customer, instead of feeling cheated and betrayed by the seller, will look to the seller for assistance in a cost-effective solution. Charan brings in an altogether new dimension to selling, which he calls value creation selling. In a compact manner and in a language that is easy to grasp, Ram Charan develops what can only be defined as new grounds in the field of sales. And what more can be asked of it when the entire process works towards finding a common and harmonious standing for both the buyer and seller. Ram Charan is a business consultant who is considered one of prime speakers and writers on the subject in India. He studied in Banaras Hindu University and then continued his studies in Harvard Business School. Charan was consulted for a host of reputed companies and was a Fellow of the National Academy of Human Resources in 2002. Economic Times of India named him Global Indian of the year in 2010. Ram Charan is an Indian management guru who is recognized all over the world for his ability to suggest easy solutions for complex financial troubles.