ISBN 9788181930590,You Did That On Purpose

You Did That On Purpose


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Byword Books

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788181930590

ISBN-10 8181930592


Number of Pages 180 Pages
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Some Children are prone to a particular kind of aggression when they are with their peers. For these children, any harm done to them-even something as inconsequential as a jostle in the lunch line-is perceived as intentional. Their Style of social information processing, termed "hostile attributional bias," increases the likelihood that they will retaliate with excessive and inappropriate Physical aggression. In this valuable book, Parents and professionals who work with children will Learn what can be done to better understand and control children's aggression. Beginning with a reader-friendly Review of the literature, Cynthia Hudley underscores the substantial risks of long-term problems for elementary ?school-age children who demonstrate aggressive behavior. Then, Drawing on her work as founder of a Successful school-based intervention program, the Brainpower program, Hudley describes methods for reducing children's peer-directed aggression. She concludes with a discussion of the Importance of broad social contexts in supporting non-aggressive behaviour. About the Author Dr Cynthia Hudley is a professor in the Gevirtz Graduate School of Education at the University of California, Santa Barbara. A former Teacher and administrator for students with emotional disturbances at the middle school and high school levels, Dr Hudley developed the BrainPower Program to Help improve peer Relations in Elementary school. Table of Contents Preface A Look at Children's Aggression Understanding Intent : One Source of Childhood Aggressiion The Brain Power Program : A Strategy for Changing Attributions Research on the Brain Power Program : How Evective is it? Looking Beyond the Individual Child : What School Can Do Childhood Aggression in the Family and the Community Public Policy for Children's Well-being References Index