1000 Plus Household Hints: Kitchen Beauty Garden Interiors Cooking Health Hygine Clothes Jewellary First Aid and Many More


Tanushree Podder


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V & S Publisher

Publication Year 2015


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You pride yourself in being a great home-maker.But often you get bogged down by small problems like moss on the kitchen floor, coffee-stains on the shirt, termite on the new wood-work! This book endeavours to provide easy solutions to common Housekeeping problems that crop up from time to time. Designed for the young home makers to help them with the running of the Housekeeping efficiently, it contains more than a 1000 tips on various aspects of home-management. The wealth of this information is sure to come in handy to the readers. Learn how to: * get back sparkle on your utensils * eliminate Eggy smelling cakes * demoth your woollens the natural way * light up your interiors * get the gloss back on your diamonds and pearls. Also find tips here on cleaning, gadgets, economy, Recycling(salads/raitas/dals/chapatis/sweets), storing etc. So get ready to streamline your Housekeeping yourself and your family with clinical efficiency. 

Tanushree Podder

Tanushree Podder is a management graduate. She has specialized in labor laws and HRD. Her inquisitive mind led her to make forays into various fields like beauty, education and computers. She took up writing on subjects like beauty, health, human relationships, humour etc. Her varied interests include music, cookery and social work.
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