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Tanushree Podder


Pustak Mahal

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Pustak Mahal

Publication Year 2007


ISBN-10 8122307515

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Youth means being full of energy, vitality and youthful spirit. But thanks to the present-day lifestyle, people are aging faster than ever before. Stress-ridden lives, junk food, long working hours, lack of leisure activities, environmental pollution and toxic family and Relationships--all are taking a toll on the body and mind, causing irreparable harm to one’s health. However, the good news is that one can have a good enough control over many of these factors. Can one remain youthful forever? Why not? Holistic health includes physical, mental, and spiritual well-being and once you have attained holistic health, you could easily retain a youthful personality. This book shows you the way to a youthful living a — providing an insight into the factors that can help you maintain a youthful life by keeping you fit and healthy. This is a book meant for everyone. It is not just for the middle aged. It is meant for people in their twenties and thirties, as well. In fact, caring for the body should begin even as we are in our twenties. It is never too early to start respecting our bodies. From the types of exercises including yoga and Meditation for different age groups, diet and Nutritionary precautions and the role of balanced diet and Nutrition and anti-stress activities like meditation and breathing exercises, It offers a complete guide to the anti-aging formulas

Tanushree Podder

Tanushree Podder is a management graduate. She has specialized in labor laws and HRD. Her inquisitive mind led her to make forays into various fields like beauty, education and computers. She took up writing on subjects like beauty, health, human relationships, humour etc. Her varied interests include music, cookery and social work.
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